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Likewise womens underwear sizing is typically based on waist size. Measure your waist size and leg length size usually inseam and that should be the mens size that will fit you but you may have to get the garment altered a bit to fit comfortably since women.

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Convert womens waist size to mens. The second measurement the inseam will remain the same for you. Womens sizes are divided into various types depending on height. Variations include the height of the persons torso known as back length whether the bust waist and hips are straighter characteristic of teenagers.

While there is no simple formula to convert all mens sizes to womens sizes you can have a general idea of what to expect based on knowing your own measurements. The inseam measurement usually the second measurement on a mens pant size should remain the same regardless of gender. Subtract 53cm 21 inches from the waist measurement of trousers to convert it into the womens pant size.

For example waist sizes between 26 and 32 inches are usually considered small 32 to 38 medium and 38 to 44 large. Mens waists are measured in inches while womens are measured in size. Because some shoe models have a design that appeals to both men and women.

There are multiple size types designed to fit somewhat different body shapes. Mens jeans waist jeans are one of the most popular types of pants worldwide and the waist is one of two most important measurements of a pair of jeans. For example if you normally wear a 31 waist you would wear a size 10 in womens trousers.

If you wear a five in womens grab a 26 inch waist for trousers. Mens underwearbriefs boxers and boxer briefsusually come in standard sizes small medium large etc based on a mans waistline. Womens to mens shoe size converter convert from womens shoe size to mens shoe size sometimes you need to convert womens shoe size into mens shoe size.

Make sure to take accurate measurement of your waist no cheating if you want a well fitting pair of jeans. Mens sizes are generally taken in terms of waist measurements. Subtract 21 from the inches of mens trousers or add 21 to the size of womens trousers to determine your size.

Womens pants to mens pants size converter chart. Information regarding womens clothing sizes. And if you find a pair of mens shoes that you like you will need to find which mens size that fits you best.

Meanwhile womens clothing is generally less intuitive with sizes ranging from 0 to 24 or larger. As a general rule to convert womens pants size to men simply add 21 to your womens size to get the closest mens size equivalent although you still have to consider the inseam size as womens jeans tend to have wider hips and narrower waist than mens.

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